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2015 National Golf Day

Wednesday, April 15

Washington, D.C.

Leaders of the industry have long recognized the need for the industry to speak with a strong and unified voice to elected officials on issues of common concern. Toward that end, leaders from the industry's major Allied Associations have determined that hosting an annual National Golf Day in Washington, D.C.affords an outstanding opportunity for the industry to reach out to Members of Congress in a coordinated and effective manner.

The eighth annual National Golf Day was held on April 15, 2015.  The World Golf Foundation  coordinated the day's agenda which included industry leaders meeting with Members of Congress and their staffs to carry the message that golf is more than a game - it is a major U.S.industry, providing two million jobs and creating annual wage income of $55.6 billion. In total, the U.S. golf economy exceeds $68.8 billion, making golf larger than the spectator sports and performing arts industry. As a significant contributor to the U.S.economy, the continued health and growth of the golf industry has a direct bearing on jobs, economic development and tax revenues for thousands of communities across the country.

Golf's leaders were present at National Golf Day to communicate the message that the industry is united as never before in its efforts to increase its impact economically, improve its environmental stewardship and use its fundraising capacity to improve the lives of millions of Americans.

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